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About Claregalway

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About Claregalway

Claregalway is located approximately 12km from the bright lights of Galway City, on the junction of N17 (Galway/Sligo) and N18 (Dublin/Limerick) routes and 3km from Galway International Airport. Given its location, Claregalway has taken advantage of its prime site for development, growing from a quite agricultural village on the western sea board, to a dynamic, vibrant location & one of the fastest growing towns in Ireland.

Although Claregalway town has expanded substantially over the years, it still holds great respect & admiration for its culture & history, as is evidenced by the many historical sites located around the town. We at the Arches are very lucky to be surrounded by many of these sites, which can be viewed from different vantage points throughout the hotel.

Claregalway is home to the ruins of a Franciscan abbey built by John de Cogan in 1290. It was one of the most beautiful of its kind in the country. The church consists of nave, choir, north aisle and transept, surmounted by a graceful tower, of which parts remain in good state of preservation. The archers under the tower are particularly beautiful, as are the windows and arcades. The old castle near by, with its massive square tower, was built by the de Burghs.



Places of Interest

Franciscan Abbey built by John de Cogan in 1290.
Claregalway Castle located on the banks of the Clare River.

Claregalway Castle

Located beside the Clare River in Claregalway (a small village north of Galway on the way to Tuam notorious for traffic jams) , it was founded by the Franciscans around 1290. The river was used to drive a mill, there were cattle kept to provide both milk and beef, and there was a leper hospital on the site from 1310. Despite periods of dispossession and eviction, abbots were on site until the middle of the eighteenth century.


Amenities / Things To Do

Community Centre
Fishing on Clare River
GAA Club



Business Directory
Callinan Coaches ; Cregboy, Claregalway - Tel : 087 2413691
Centra Supermarket ; Riveroaks, Claregalway -
Tel: +353 (0)91 798805
Central Tavern ; Loughgeorge, Claregalway - Tel : (091) 798202
Channel Partner Group, Claregalway, Co. Galway
Claregalway P.O. Claregalway ;
Tel - +353 (0)91 798101
Claregalway Soffit & Facia ; Lakeview, Claregalway - Tel : (091) 798461
Comer John, Heating Contr. Killcahill -
 Tel : +353 (0)91 791492
David Moggan Property ; Claregalway - Tel : +353 (0)91 739739
DM Claim Consultants ; Claregalway - Tel : +353 (0)91 739739
Emperors Inn Restaurant ; Claregalway - Tel: +353 (0)91 739755
John Daly Refrigerated Foods ; Claregalway -
Tel : 353 (0)91 798060  
Hughes Supermarket ; Claregalway - Tel: +353 (0)91 798101
Laserderm Clinic ; Cois Chlair, Claregalway, Co. Galway - Tel: +353 (0)91 739344
Merit Solutions ; Claregalway - Tel : +353 (0)91 738000
Summerfield Bar & Lounge ; Claregalway - Tel: +353 (0)91 798244
Walsh Fireplaces ; Claregalway - Tel: +353 (0)91 799289  Website
Western Ironcraft ; Claregalway - Tel : +353 (0)91 798756   Website

Castlegrove House B&B ; Claregalway - Tel : +353 (0)91 799169
Claregalway Hotel ; Claregalway - Tel : +353 (0)91 738200 
The Arches Hotel ; Claregalway - Tel : +353 91 739 000
Avondale B&B ; Cregboy, Claregalway - Tel : +353 (0)91 798349
Garmisch B&B ; Loughgeorge, Claregalway - Tel : +353 (0)91 798606

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