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About Turloughmore

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About Turloughmore

Turloughmore, in the parish, is an area famed for both its fair and its hurlers. The hurlers continue to make history and now the fair, once long gone, has been revived. 1998 saw its re-birth and most successfully so and the Turloughmore Fair Committee aims to make the annual event even more successful.

In years gone by farmers sold their livestock, their produce and their wool at this fair, which was one of only three large fairs at the time in the County of Galway. Fair day was very much a social occasion, where marriage matchmaking was the norm of the day, and even old scores could be settled in bouts of pugilism as bloody as any battlefield.

Home brewed beverages helped warm the blood and fuel the fires of revenge and manys' the battle broke out at the fair of Turlough. But the regular fighting was to be brought to a halt with the passing of the Constabulary Act in 1836. This provided for a more efficient police force to keep order during fair days and I'm sure the boys in blue were seen as an unwelcome intrusion at the time.


Places of Interest

Lackagh Museum & Heritage Centre
A 19th century thatched house and a collection of old farm machinery have been restored to remind us of a world that has silently faded into the past. The house is furnished with the types of furniture and utensils that were familiar sights in the thatched houses of long ago.


Amenities / Things To Do

Famous Hurling Club
Business Directory
Advance Garden Design, Laraghmore, Ballyglunin ;
Tel : +353 (0) 91 797651
Bus Nestor
, Turloughmore ; Tel : +353 (0) 91 797144
Copper Beech The, Turloughmore ;
Tel : +353 (0)91 797104
Connolly Sawmills ; Barnaboy, Turloughmore - Tel : +353 (0)91 797219
Dura Seal, Ballyglunin ;  Tel : +353 (0)91 737908
Duffy Michael, Barnaboy ;
 Tel : +353 (0)91 797141
Egan Ed., Havana Construction, Lackaghmore ;
Tel : +353 (0)86 829 7929
Flynn's ; Lackagh, Turloughmore - Tel :
+353 091 797116
Fahy Wood Products, Ballinvoher ;
 Tel : +353 (0)91 797151
Garret Woodworkers, Turloughmore ; Tel : +353 (0)91 797109

Glavin Gabriel, Carpenter, Canteeney, Turloughmore ;
Tel : +353 (0)91 797292
Lackagh Pharmacy, Lackagh, Turloughmore, Tel : +353 (0)91 797056
Laffey Jarlath, Landscape, Laraghmore ;
Tel : +353 (0) 91 797651
Loughnane's Service Stn, Ballyglass, Turloughmore,
Tel : +353 (0) 91 797108
Murphy Travel
Grange, Mini-Bus & Coach HireTel :+353 (0)91 797379
Joyce Paddy,
Construction, Lackaghbeg, Turloughmore, Tel:+353 (0)91 97267
Rocket Transport, Ballyglass, Turloughmore ;
 Tel : +353 (0)91 797303
Sliders Direct, Lackagh ;
 Tel : +353 (0)91 737919
Whelan Safetyware Ltd., Ballinvoher,
 Tel : +353 (0)91 797359
Whyte Finbar & Sons Ltd., Rathfee ;
 Tel : +353 (0)91 79703
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