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Annaghdown / Corrandulla

About Annaghdown

Business Directory

Things To See

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About Annaghdown

The village, if one could call it that, meanders around scenic Annaghdown Bay and finish near the old passenger steamer quay, now used by pleasure and angling craft. A boat marina and childrens' swimming area are also provided beside the pier. Nearby, there is a marble memorial to the tragic drowning of twenty villagers on boat trip to Galway in 1828, recalled in the famous Anthony Raftery poem, Anah Cuain. Annaghdown is an ideal base to try your hand at trout or salmon angling or pike and porch angling in the lower section of Lough Corrib. It is also renowned for its varied collection of ecclesiastical ruins. No less a person than St. Brendan, the Navigator, is said to have founded a convent for his sister here. He died at Annaghdown in 577 and was buried in Clonfert. The more important sites among the ruins include a 12th century abbey and a cathedral with, perhaps, the finest transitional - type window, c. 1190, in the land. Nearby, an impressive 15/16th century tower house still stands overlooking the bay.

Places of Interest

Eanach Cuain (Annaghdown) 54

Má fhaighimse sláinte is fada a bhéas tráchtadh
Ar an méid a báthadh as Eanach Cuain,
Mo thrua amárach gach athair 's máthair
Bean 's páiste atá ag sileadh súl.
A Rí na nGrásta, a cheap neamh 's Párthas
Nár bheag an tábhachtach dúinn beirt nó triúr?
(Ach) Lá chomh breá leis gan gaoth ná báisteach,
Lán an bháid acu ag scuabadh ar siúl!


Amenities / Things To Do

Active GAA club
Local Golf Society


Business Directory
Abbey Signs Ltd ; Corrandulla Co Galway Galway (091)791461
Annaghdown Beauty Salon, Shankill,  Tel : +353 (0)91 793128
Annaghdown Health Farm, Annaghdown ;
 Tel : +353 (0)91 791918
Corrandulla Nursing Home ; Corrandulla, Co. Galway - Tel : +353 (0)91 791540
Newell Construction, Shankill, Annaghdown  -  Tel : +353 (0)91 793130
Clarke Martin, Publican ; 
Tel : +353 (0)93
Corbett Brendan, Publican,  ; 
Tel : +353 (0)91
Dooley John, Contrs., Annaghadown ; Tel : +353 (0)91 791157
Eat Your Heart Out, Woodpark, Annaghdown ; Tel : +353 (0)91 791170
Jason Melia PVC Products ; Annaghdown - Tel : +353 (0)87 8845870
Lan-Net Technology, Annaghadown ;
 Tel : +353 (0)91 793984
Regan's, Clonboo , Publican, ;
Tel : +353 (0)91
Special Branch, Attic Conversion,
 Tel : +353 (0)91 791268

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