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About  Abbeyknockmoy

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About Abbeyknockmoy

Abbeyknockmoy (or Abbey), is a parish, 7 miles south-east of Tuam, and partly in the barony of Clare, but chiefly in that of Tyaquin, Co. Galway
. The name 'Knockmoy' signifies 'the hill of the plain;' and the abbey which shares with it in the designation of the parish, was anciently called 'Monasterium de colle victoriae.' The establishment is said to have been founded and endowed in 1180, by Cathal O'Connor, monarch of Ireland, in commemoration of a victory obtained by him at its site over Almericus de St. Lawrence. Considerable ruins of the edifice, which still exist, contain some frescoes, which, though rude in design, and faded in colour, possess uncommon interest for the antiquary, as the most authentic memorials anywhere to be found of ancient Irish costumes.
Places of Interest

The Cistercian Abbey of Knockmoy (in the village of Abbeyknockmoy) was founded by the King of Connacht (Cathal Crovdearg O Connor, who was buried there in 1244) in the years 1189-1190. Knockmoy is rare in that it has a fresco still (barely) visible on the wall of the chancel. The monastery was plundered in 1200 (by William De Burgo) and in 1228, and the Abbot was censured in 1240 for having his hair washed by a woman. In 1483, the abbot was accused of setting fire to the abbey.


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Business Directory

Abbeyknockmoy P.O. ; Tel : +353 (0)93 43025
Abbey Inn The, Music Lounge,
Tel : +353 (0)93 43605
Abalta Electrical Ltd., Abbeyknockmoy
 - Tel : +353 (0)93 43891
Boyle Gabriel, Abbert,
Tel : +353 (0)93 43817
Derreen Inn, Derreen,
Tel : +353 (0)93 
Eveness Face & Beauty ; Abbeyknockmoy, Co. Galway - Tel: 086 3957073
Frank Fahy, Nurseries, Derreen,
Tel : +353 (0)93 43640
Fahy Karen, Chiropodist Podiatrist, Abbey,
Tel : +353 (0)93 43506
Ganley Group, Moyne Park ; Tel : +353 (0)93 43900
Garvey Cathal & Ann, Corrib Oil, Liss,
Tel : +353 (0)93 43837
Gothic Stained Glass & Mirror Design, Knock, Barnaderg ;
 Tel : +353 (0)93 49392
Kelly Dr. Donal, Health Centre,
Tel : +353 (0)93 43512
Lally E Ltd., Rprs. & Engineering Svces, Abbert,
Tel : +353 (0)93 43010
McNicholas Richard, Family Butcher,
Tel : +353 (0)93 43488
Mannion's Funeral Home,
Tel : +353 (0)93 43522/43514
Mace Food Market, Abbeyknockmoy ;
 Tel : +353 (0)93 43533
O'Donohoe Sean, Bar / Spar Express,
Tel : +353 (0)93 43535
Tel : +353 (0)93 43510
Smyth B & J Construction Ltd, Abbert, Abbeyknockmoy, Tel:+353 (0)91 949109
Treacy Painting Contractors, Abbeyknockmoy ; Tel : +353 (0)87 269 4832



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