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ProAir - Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

ProAir Systems
Weir Road Business Park,
Tuam, Co. Galway


 Tel: 093 60892                            Email: proair@proair.ie

ProAir Systems install whole house highly efficient heat recovery ventilation (HRV) systems in residential houses in cooperation with builders/developers.

The ventilation operates on a continuous supply & extract basis.

  • Extract points are located in wet areas such as:
    • Kitchen, Utility, WC & Bathrooms / Showerooms.
  • Supply points are located in the habitable rooms such as:
    • Dining Area, Living Area, Bedrooms & Hallways.

An integral part of the entire system is the high efficiency contra-flow heat exchanger that is installed in the system. This heat exchanger will transfer up to 92% of the heat from the extracted “wet” air to the incoming fresh air. The HRV system is designed to operate continuously at a low rate to minimise the electrical energy consumption. It will cost €150 / annum under normal operating conditions. Operating & maintenance instructions for the system will be provided on commissioning of the system.

When you examine a house fitted with a Heat Recovery Ventilation System you will see a number of extra positive features when compared to a standard house built to the minimum standards laid down by the building regulations.

  1. There are no background ventilation holes in the walls to the exterior of the building.
  2. There are no trickle vents installed in the windows.
  3. The upstairs bathrooms are not equipped with noisy mechanical extract fans.
  4. The HRV unit is installed in the attic space.

It is envisaged that it will not be necessary to open the windows in the house under normal operating conditions. The windows will normally only need to be opened in the event of spillage or during the summer months.


The benefits of installing HRV in houses are as follows:

  1. Energy Efficiency:
    1. No cold air delivered to the house via background ventilation during the heating season.
    2. Up to 92% heat recovery from stale air at each air change (at low speed there will be at least 10 air changes / day in the building).
    3. Lowered energy input to the house.
    4. Balanced distribution of heat throughout the house reducing the occurrence of hot & cold zones.
  2. Condensation control:
    1. The ventilation system is designed for each application to remove water vapour as it is generated.
    2. Sick Building Syndrome is not possible with a correctly designed & installed HRV system.
  3. Controlled ventilation rates:
    1. Irrespective of weather conditions draught free balanced ventilation is provided during the heating season. This in itself will make the house significantly more comfortable.
  4. Health Benefits:
    1. Breathe fresh air at all times.
    2. All air delivered to the house is filtered & proven to be of significant benefit to asthma sufferers.
  5. Security:
    1. The building will continue to be ventilated with all of the windows securely closed.

It is envisaged that it will not be necessary to open the windows in the house under normal operating conditions. The windows will normally only need to be opened in the event of spillage or during the summer months.




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