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Personal Executive Protection Services

James Breletic, PHD. Crim.
Tel : +353 (0)85 1252288

Michael E. Johnson
Tel: +353 (0)87 940 8918

5 Demense Cottages, Suite 2,
Tuam, Co. Galway.

Email : brelaw@eircom.net

PEPS will provide upon request, the highest level of Executive Protection Service, which will include, but not be limited to the following :
  • A trained investigator, who will investigate any injury, theft or specific incident that may occur on the establishment’s property. Said investigator will document all of his/her investigations and a complete copy (which include, but not limited to photographs, witness statements and investigative reports) of the incident will be supplied to establishment/client upon request. Investigator will make themselves available for all court appearances if required.
  • Threat and loss prevention assessment services (which includes but not limited to internal theft, accidents and injuries that may occur on the clients premises and or to establishment’s personnel, security breaches, and assistances in close circuit camera surveillance). PEPS is affiliated with a certified alarm and CCT installer and willing to assist in any of their client needs.
  • Training client / establishment’s personnel on interpersonal communication skills while dealing with the public and diverse ethnic groups and training, conducting lectures on travel and home personal security.
  • General surveillance as requested by the client
  • Close Personal Protection (Personal Body Guards)
  • A vehicle and a security operative(s) to transport Clients, family members, Very Important Persons (VIP’s) to and from various events, business, sporting, social and entertainment etc.
  • Communications with the security personnel by the protectee at all time or when needed by the protectee.
  • Communications with client’s strictly confidential.

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