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Natural Health Centre ; 3 Ivy Mews, Bishop St, Tuam, County Galway
Tel: +353 (0)93 26698               Email: annefquinn3@eircom.net

What is iridology?

An iridologist studies the iris – the coloured part of your eye – to determine your general level of health. According to iridology theory, variations in the patterns and markings within the iris can reveal emerging illness in the body.

Although modern iridology is a relatively recent practice, the Greek physician Hippocrates was known to check his patient’s eyes for any signs of disease. Today the practice is particularly popular in Europe, especially Germany and the UK. Throughout Europe there are approximately 20,000 practicing iridologists.

Iridology cannot diagnose specific diseases; rather, practitioners claim to point out any bodily systems or organs that are susceptible to illness. Advice is then offered on how to ward off health problems before they develop.




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