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Climate Control

Geothermal Pumps

Climate Control
Co. Galway

Tel: +353 (0)93 28166

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Geothermal Heatpumps
Underfloor Heating
Wall Heating
Plumbing Systems

Why Geothermal?
With rising energy costs and an ever-increasing environmental concern, the search for new energy forms is a vital concern. Geothermal systems are a means of producing energy that is both cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Benefits of Geo-thermal:

 Economical - provides operating cost savings of up to 80%
 Earth Friendly - uses the renewable thermal energy of the earth
 Comfortable - ideal for use with low temperature, high comfort systems, such as underfloor heating
 Safe - no open flames, no fumes, no soot, no gas
 Flexible - one single unit can control heating, cooling, and water heating
 Dependable - contains few moving parts, therefore requiring little or no maintenance
 Value - increases the value of your home along with decreasing your heating and cooling bill

 Efficiency - as much as six times as efficient as conventional systems
Heatpumps are the most efficient form of heating available, but not all heat pumps are equal. Most heat pumps are 400% efficient (COP 4), which means they produce 4 kilowatts of heat for every kilowatt off electricity used. Heliotherms direct evaporating heat pumps are at least 30% more efficient than other heat pumps on the market at 560% efficient. This is achieved through the use of the exclusively patented dsi and Twin X technology.

The next biggest factor in an efficient system is the underfloor heating system. Unless you have a well-designed underfloor heating system it will require hotter water, resulting in longer running times for the heat pump therefore more electrical consumption and a lower COP.





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