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Tel: +353 (0)93 52329
Mobile: +353 (0)85 1639182
Fax: +353 (0)87 5 9691077
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PO Box 16
Co. Galway,


What we do.!
Environmental consultants for planning submissions, impact assessment, development plans, ecological surveys, pollution prevention and control, licence applications, heritage conservation and community development projects.

CKES offers effective and professional advice for sustainable, socially and environmentally responsible development, throughout Ireland and worldwide.

Operating from Athlone and Galway, our environmental consultants provide a wide range of environmental services to assist all stakeholders - from SMEs to multinational corporations, local community groups to international agencies, individual householders to national governments. We specialise in a wide range of environmental assessment and management services. Whether you require small-scale ecological surveys, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), local community heritage advice or Strategic Environmental Assessment of major plans, programmes and policies, our consultants in Galway and the midlands can meet your requirements.


CKES was established as an environmental services provider in 2005, with consultants based in offices in Galway and Athlone, Ireland. Our experts have a detailed understanding of key aspects of environment management and assessment, working with commercial and industrial clients, infrastructure and property developers, local community representatives, government and semi-state authorities, overseas government agencies and non-governmental organisations. Areas of experience include:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Risk Assessment.
  • Environmental Management Systems (including ISO 14001 classification).
  • Waste management and licensing.
  • Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPC / IPPC) licensing.
  • Environmental research.
  • Wildlife conservation and management
  • Heritage studies.
  • Landscape design.
  • International development.
  • Public and animal health.
  • Environmental engineering and instrumentation.
  • Environmental economics.
  • Environmental monitoring.
  • Water and wastewater quality and management.
  • Environmental training and education.
  • Oral hearings.



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