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Schools of Motoring

Salthill Driving School
Claremount House,
Galway City
Tel: 086 2607237



School of Motoring

Phone: 093 26542
087 7809933

Male & Female Registered Instructors
Dual Control Cars
An Education in Safe Driving
Gift vouchers Available

Smyth Driver Training

086 1997818

Highly experienced Instructor
Tuition in own car or dual controlled car. Beginners to Pre Test.
All test routes covered -Tuam Galway.

 School of Motoring,
Galway Road,

Phone: 093 28627
Mobile: 086 4083130

Expert advice and Tuition given.
Lessons in dual controlled car or your own car.
Pre -Test Routes covered.
Car supplied for Test.

Joe Rushe
School of Motoring,
M.D.I.R  M.S.A.I .E.F.A.
Phone: 093 28075

Car available for Tests.
Dual Controlled or own car.
Patient Tuition assured.

Mary Kilgarriff
M.D.I.R  M.S.A.I
School of Motoring,
Dunmore, Tuam
Phone: 093 38921
Mobile: 086 8270002


Car available for Tests.
Excellent Pass Rate.
Dual Controlled or own car.
Manual or Automation.
Patient Tuition assured.
Gift Vouchers available.

Driving School
Tuam and Galway,
Phone: 093-51941
Mobile: 087-9292072

Instructor Oliver Whelan M.D.I.R
School or own car tuition.
Car available for test.
Gift Vouchers.
Lessons and Pre Test with written report.

Comfort Driving School

(0)86 3675710

Highly qualified & experienced Instructor by IAM, DIR, RoSPA, Steer Clear.
Cars and Motorcycle rider training.
Tuition in own car or dual controlled car. Beginners to Pre Test. All test routes covered -Tuam - Galway.

2one driving schooL

Female instructor

Mary O’Keeffe

Airglooney, Tuam

087 6527716

Email: one2onedriving@hotmail.com


Welcomes nervous beginners, Dual control car, Pre-test.
All test routes covered
(Tuam & Galway)

7 Day + Evening Availability.

Waldron School of Motoring
Co. Galway
Tel: 093 25050
Mobile: 087 2677139

Highly qualified and experienced instructor.
Beginners and pre-tests welcome.
Dual control. Own car or car available for test.
Test routes covered. Pre-test available with written report.
Excellent pass rate.
Gift vouchers available.


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